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Italia railing awning

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There are over 100 colors to choose from!
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Drive in awning

Electric drive

The electric drive provides the greatest ease of use. The opening and closing of the awning is remotely controlled, it is fast and quiet. The electric drive allows the use of weather automation and a Smart Home system.

Manual drive

Durable and optimally prepared elements of the manual drive ensure simple and effortless opening and closing of the awning. Available crank lengths are 150 cm, 180 cm or 220 cm.

Type of valance

Valance C

A decorative valance with an edge in the shape of a regular sine wave is the best option for fans of traditional solutions. It is often chosen for striped fabrics that we associate with the classic style of awnings. The maximum height of the valance is 40 cm.

Valance D

A decorative valance with regular semicircular edges. In combination with patterned fabrics, it will give the awning a classic look, while single-coloured materials will add Mediterranean lightness. The maximum height of the valance is 40 cm.

Valance E

This most popular simple valance finish is perfect for plain covers. In the case of commercial use this straight valance can provide additional branding space as an advertising medium. The maximum height of the valance is 50 cm.

Type of fabrics

SELT Awnings can be made with over 150 types of high-quality acrylic fabrics additionally secured with Teflon impregnation, which guarantees their high durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Acrylic fabrics

Acrylic fabrics guarantee the highest quality of the product, ensuring thermal comfort and protection against UV radiation. Made of 100% acrylic fibre dyed in chemical solution, they provide excellent protection against colour loss.

Waterproof fabrics

Waterproof acrylic fabrics are characterized by increased resistance to leaking ~ 1000 mm of water column height. Weave structure together with modern impregnation technology provides high air permeability even on hot days. The Oeko-Tex® certificate guarantees that offered acrylic fabrics, subjected to special impregnation, are not toxic.

Features of awning


Construction resistant to wind up to 49 km/h



Possibility to connect to Smart Home system





Thanks to its simple and light structure Italia awning will be a perfect solution for traditional windows and small balconies of residential buildings, hotels or guesthouses. After rolling up, the fabric is hidden in an aluminium cassette which protects the material against dirt and damage. The aluminium arms have a special spring that makes the fabric tight and prevents unwanted folding under wind pressure. The awning can be opened and closed manually or with the use of an electric drive. A large selection of fabrics and the possibility of choosing the shape of the valance will allow you to optimally adapt the awning to the architecture of the building.
The aluminium handles have a special spring that keeps the fabric taut and prevents unwanted folding in wind pressure. The awning can be opened and closed manually or with an electric actuator. The wide choice of fabrics and the possibility to choose the shape of the valance allow the awning to be optimally adapted to the architecture of the building.

Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
Additional options

Download instruction of product

Download technical catalog

Download fabrics catalog

Color of construction

White, Graphite, Cream-White, Grey, Brown

Opening system


Type of fabric

Waterproof, Standard

Width mm

100, 140, 700

Lenth mm (choose the lenth interval)

1100, 1110-1700, 1710-2300, 2310-2900, 2910-3500, 3510-4100, 4110-4700, 4710-5000


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