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A unique experience is guaranteed with the stylish Pinela Deluxe from Deponti. The panels of this veranda can easily be moved to one side with the push of a button. This gives you a completely open space above your terrace in no time. Allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather. In the open position, the pergola offers maximum light. At the same time, in a closed position the Pinela Deluxe protects against various weather conditions and offers you a shady spot on sunny days. Rain or shine, you will experience the ultimate outdoor living feeling. The panels are retractable to create an open space above your terrace. The panels of the Pinela Deluxe and the optional LED lighting can be controlled with the supplied SOMFY remote control.The Pinela Deluxe allows you to create an open space above your terrace in no time. It is possible to slide the panels to one side. The Pinela Deluxe can be free-standing or wall-mounted.

Only available in RAL7024 Stand dimensions are 150x150x3695mm excluding floor mounting bracket. The clearance height is 3500mm. A floor mounting bracket is optional. The Pinela is delivered in standard sizes and can not be custom made. The panel width of the Pinela Deluxe is 315,4 mm. The Pinela Deluxe can be equipped with LED lighting strips as an option. It is possible to connect Pinela's to cover a larger area.

Colors RAL7024
Lamellae Shrinks into a corner
Models Free-standing or wall-mounted
Lenght (mm) 3000 / 3500 / 4000
Width (mm) 3014 / 3571 / 4128 / 4964 / 6078
Additional options LED lighting/glass sliding walls


Download Delux product description

Download Delux product drawings

Download Delux product manual


Color of construction


Length mm

3000, 3500, 4000

Width mm

3014, 3571, 4128, 4964, 6078

LED lighting

Without LED, With LED

Installation method

Freestanding, Wall-mounted


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